Creating a safer, healthier and more productive workforce.

Medium and Large Employers

ProgressiveHealth is the premier provider of a broad spectrum of Optimal Placement®, Proactive Prevention®, individual and group health improvement, on-site medical and rehabilitation management solutions for medium and large employers. We partner with world-class leaders in a variety of settings to reduce the number of workplace injuries and lower total injury related costs, while enhancing productivity, increasing employee morale, and helping build an overall healthier team. We believe a comprehensive, integrated solution is the best approach in achieving the most effective results.


million client reported year 1 savings by reduction in sprains/strains, DART and lost time.


success rate in avoiding injury costs with early reporting.


reduction of incidents and 339% increase in early reporting over 3 years.


injury reduction and $410,550 savings in first 6 months of those tested.


reduction in recordables within first year of new client.

Representative results as reported from various clients.


Issues your company may be facing.

For the majority of employers, occupational and non-occupational medical costs continue to rise. This increase is forcing employers to aggressively look for ways to reduce expenses. To achieve the biggest return on investment for our clients, we target all underlying cost drivers on both the workers’ compensation and group health sides of your business.

Sources of avoidable injury costs.

  • You hire the injury (and you did not know it)
  • You place an employee in a job that they are physically unable to perform or perform productively
  • Proper techniques, processes, protocols, or assistive resources are not identified and/or utilized
  • Injuries or pre-injury conditions are not intercepted early and minor discomforts become major injuries
  • An employee who could productively work with restrictions is not working
  • Injuries reported at work are really non-work related
  • An employee becomes physically unable to perform the job due to deconditioning or health risks

Sources of avoidable health costs.

  • Medical costs associated with disease – Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke
  • Overweight and obese workforce
  • Workforce has smokers
  • Workforce engages in suboptimal behaviors increasing risk of illness or injury

Falling short on results?

Most employers recognize some of these problems. Perhaps they have instituted basic wellness efforts through their commercial insurer.  Or, maybe they do a basic screen at hire.  All this resulting in them having non-integrated parts from a variety of sources.

These disjointed programs are likely better than nothing, but we have found a comprehensive, integrated solution is unquestionably the best approach to deliver the most profoundly positive results. Because you may have introduced elements with which you may be pleased, but also understanding the synergies yielded by an integrated approach, we have developed our solution set as a “meta-solution” – maintaining, administering, or incorporating the best of what you already may have, supplementing what may need improvement, and introducing best practices to fill in the remaining gaps.


Keeping employees healthy from “hire” until “retire”.

ProgressiveHealth is a best-in-class provider of on-site Optimal Placement®, Proactive Prevention®, individual and group health improvement, on-site medical and rehabilitation management solutions for medium and large employers. Our integrated solutions combine the right people, processes, programs, and protocols, to maximize our clients’ return on investment.


Keeping you informed.

Wellphorce℠ Benefits:

  • Customizable
  • Impactful Data
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Drives Decisions
  • Tied to your KPIs
  • Activity Tracking

Wellphorce℠ is our proprietary, cloud-based, activity support, data capture, and business intelligence system that serves as the backbone to our solutions. It is a robust data management and information reporting system (at both the individual and aggregate level) that allows ProgressiveHealth Specialists to create the most relevant, impactful environment possible to reduce injury risk and foster health improvement, yielding reduced costs and enhanced productivity.

Wellphorce℠ is unique in that it was designed specifically to organize and provide a platform for our on-site specialists to administer our solutions and education to clients across multiple sites. It provides our specialists an efficient and effective framework for delivering valuable information to our clients, directly at the work area via tablets, facilitating thorough and meaningful capture of data through formats considerate of OSHA and Workers’ Compensation compliance.

Through multiple data points, we are able to deliver a broad standard and custom business intelligence package with war room and dashboard reporting tied to KPIs. This data, along with client injury and experience data, can be used for predictive modeling and best practice identification.

Our analysts and developers will work with your data team to interface key data elements to the fullest extent possible, mitigating redundancies, optimizing data integrity, and streamlining your reporting process to ensure efficient production of high value, actionable information.


A variety of settings and solutions.


We have provided service since 2000. Our team of specialists perform post-offer testing, new hire work conditioning, Optimal Placement®, Proactive Prevention® (including Early and Advanced Intervention, Situation Investigation / Intervention / Management (SIIM)®, and Acute Injury Management), restrictions management and RTW conditioning, and data reporting through Wellphorce℠ to their team of over 6,000 team members.


Since 2006, we have managed on-site occupational / non-occupational, acute care and emergency services for one of the largest airlines in the world. At their largest hub and most operationally complex, we deliver 24/7 coverage to over 7,000 team members, including providing Virtual Prevention® to support multiple, large airport outstations. We provide service to multiple divisions including Airport Customer Service, Technical Operations, In Flight and Cargo.


Our team of three specialists provide management over the medical clinic, plant and fitness center and the overall healthcare needs of this nutritional company with approximately 800 office and plant employees. This includes Proactive Prevention® solutions for the plant, ergonomic assessments for the office, and instruction and guidance for the employee fitness center. This team works cohesively to promote health improvement initiatives and safety.


We lead a comprehensive, integrated team of 30 healthcare professionals, including medical (physicians, NPs, and MAs), emergency medical response (paramedics and EMTS, and early intervention (Athletic Trainers and Exercise Science). Services include early discomfort management, ergonomic education, recognition, evaluation and treatment of occupational injuries, medical surveillance, drug screenings, health screenings, vaccine administration, seasonal wellness and emergency response.