Finding Costs

To achieve the biggest return on investment for our clients, we target all underlying cost drivers on both the workers compensation and medical side of your business.

Workers Comp Costs - Medical, Indemnity, Lost and Restricted Days, Under-productivity, Legal

    What are the sources of avoidable injury costs?
  • You hire the injury (and you did not know it).
  • You place an employee in a job that he or she is physically unable to perform or perform productively.
  • An employee becomes physically unable to perform the job due to deconditioning or health risks.
  • Injuries reported at work are really non-work-related.
  • An employee who could productively work with restrictions is not working.
  • Proper techniques, processes, protocols, or assistive resources are not identified and/or utilized.
  • Injuries or pre-injury conditions are not intercepted early and minor issues become injuries.
  • Optimal protocols, yielding enhanced outcomes and expedited return to work, are not defined or followed.

Healthcare Costs - Medical, Absenteeism, Presenteeism (lost productivity due to working ill)

    What are the sources of avoidable health costs?
  • Medical Costs associated with disease - Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer.
  • Your workforce is overweight and obese.
  • Your workforce has smokers.
  • Your workforce engages in suboptimal behaviors increasing risk of illness or injury.

Bottom line- Workers Comp and Health Care concerns are driving the same result - dramatically increasing costs