Our Advantages

Why do hospitals choose to partner with ProgressiveHealth to maximize their rehabilitation services?

INCREASED REAL EARNINGS. Utilizing key metrics we are able to identify missed revenue opportunities and inefficiencies translating to a significant increase in net revenue.

INCENTIVE ALIGNED PARTNERSHIPS. By collaborating with our partners, from initial conception to finalized agreement, we are able to align overall operations, including incentives, to achieve optimal performance excellence.

IMPROVED PATIENT AND PHYSICIAN SATISFACTION. Beyond financial performance, we are constantly working to improve patient satisfaction scores and physician relationships.

HOSPITAL GROWTH. Exclusive commitment to strategically grow all applicable settings possible in a collaborate and mutually beneficial manner. Our growth and success is completely dependent on our partner's success in their respective markets.

SENIOR MANAGEMENT INVOLVEMENT. Our leadership team has extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of today's ever changing healthcare market. They are actively involved in all aspects of operations and day-to-day communications with our clients.

NO CONSULTING FEES. Unlike consulting firms that tell you what to do, pocket a hefty fee, and leave you on your own, we establish ongoing partnerships with hospitals and health systems working side by side to achieve financial and performance goals.

ENHANCED KEY PERFORMANCE METRICS. We utilize our experience and proprietary analytics to identify the best ways to measure optimal performance.

"WORRY FREE" PERFORMANCE. By working with you to manage therapy operations, we take a significant management and financial challenge off your list of responsibilities, and deliver measurable performance.