Integrate Corporate Compliance

Do you have a comprehensive compliance program SPECIFICALLY for your rehabilitation services?


Hospitals face greater accountability from all angles, both external and internal. Rehabilitation requirements, in particular, have grown in complexity and number, increasing the compliance burden - at worst, increasing risk exposure and, perhaps at best, distracting resources from attention to more "core" operations. Whether that involves reviews from the government, "alphabet soup" groups, or expectations from your board, the pressure to measure up in more ways grows with each passing year.


Our full-time compliance professionals believe that "complying" is merely a starting point. We establish comprehensive approaches that go beyond regulatory requirements to create a culture in which employees are focused on improving care, enhancing efficiency and quality, and limiting opportunities for fraud and abuse. Through training, effective monitoring programs, audits, and ongoing risk assessments, we protect your patients, your people and your professional reputation.

  • Full-time Corporate Compliance Officer and Compliance Coordinator
  • Comprehensive compliance practice and standards
  • Direct interface between ProgressiveHealth resources and your compliance resources
  • Established methods to improve efficiency and quality of services
  • Established methods to help reduce vulnerability to fraud and abuse
  • Effective internal monitoring and auditing program
  • Developed training and education programs that focus on documentation and compliance
  • Constant review of federal, state and local laws, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Close monitoring of governmental programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, in addition to private payer programs
  • Systematic processes for prompt investigation of reports of compliance concerns
  • Detailed knowledge regarding the Alphabet Soup Groups...OIG,RAC,CMS, MIC's, ZPIC, HFAP, JCAHO
  • Ongoing risk assessments to evaluate and prioritize compliance-related risks
  • Detailed privacy policies and operation to ensure compliance with federal and state laws