Are you maximizing the value of your rehabilitation services?

ProgressiveHealth would like to help you answer that question.

ProgressiveHealth uses evidence-based strategies and value-added solutions to manage rehabilitation operations for hospitals and to maximize the value of therapy services.


We are not consultants. We apply evidenced based management techniques, serving as partners with hospitals and health systems. We specialize in optimizing all rehabilitation operations throughout the entire continuum of care - from inpatient to outpatient to home care and skilled nursing.

By applying our expertise and partnering with hospitals, we have consistently been able to:

  1.       Enhance Financial Performance
  2.       Improve Clinical Outcomes
  3.       Achieve Operational Excellence


  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Speech Therapy
  4. Athletic Training

  1. Inpatient Care
  2. Outpatient Clinics
  3. Home Health Care
  4. Long Term Care
  5. Occupational Medicine