Company Profile

ProgressiveHealth is the premier provider of a broad spectrum of rehabilitation and rehabilitation management services, dedicated to delivering superior patient care and improving patient outcomes.

ProgressiveHealth provides rehabilitation services in a variety of settings including:

  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
ProgressiveHealth provides its clinicians with the optimal mix of clinical resources and clinical autonomy. We endorse a hands-on, one-on-one approach to therapy and have a history of providing measurable quality care to our patients.

Why is ProgressiveHealth a great place to work?

  1. Dynamic People
  2. Hands-on, One-on-One Approach to Therapy
  3. Exciting Locations
  4. Excellent Benefits
  5. Competitive Salaries
  6. Monthly Bonus Opportunity
  7. Opportunity for Advancement

ProgressiveHealth is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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  1. Montgomery - Paramedic


  1. Please submit resume for future openings


  1. Atlanta - Athletic Trainers
  2. Atlanta - Prevention Specialist
  3. Peachtree City - Junior Application Developer


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  1. Evansville - Computer Support Liaison
  2. Evansville - Human Resources Specialist
  3. Evansville - Junior Application Developer
  4. Evansville - Physical Therapists
  5. Evansville - Speech Language Pathologist
  6. Princeton - Patient Experience Specialist Part-Time
  7. Terre Haute - Occupational Therapist
  8. Terre Haute - Physical Therapist
  9. Terre Haute - Physical Therapist Assistant
  10. Terre Haute - Restorative Care Technician
  11. Terre Haute - Speech Language Pathologist


  1. Henderson - Physical Therapist Assistant PRN


  1. Canton - Athletic Trainer
  2. Jackson - Patient Experience Specialist
  3. Jackson - Physical Therapist


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  1. San Antonio - Wellness Specialist


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  1. Evansville - Certified Medical Assistant PRN
  2. Evansville - Licensed Practical Nurse PRN
  3. Evansville - Nurse Practitioner PRN


ProgressiveHealth offers a comprehensive benefits plan designed to meet the needs of all our employees:

  1. Comprehensive Health Insurance
  2. Dental & Vision Plans
  3. Paid Time OFF (PTO) & Paid Holidays
  4. Company Sponsored 401K
  5. Life Insurance
  6. Long Term Disability
  7. Monthly Bonus Opportunity
  8. Continuing Education Assistance
  9. Employee Wellness Program