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had one of those moments almost every night on ESPN’s SportsCenter, especially when they began to focus on Cabrera. The day after he won the Triple Crown, we relaunched a campaign, ‘We Held the Bat,’ which we used to run on TV and in print. We used that platform to congratulate him. It said, in effect, Miguel won the Triple Crown but we held the bat. LF: The day that he clinched the Triple Crown, there was a shot of Miguel pumping his fist, which I saw on ESPN and I know ran elsewhere
Cheap jerseys across the country, and he was wearing his Franklin gloves, with the logo very prominent. That was a pretty good Wow! moment for us. NYSJ: What marketing elements can we expect to see for the 30th anniversary of the Franklin batting glove? LF: We are planning to promote it starting in December and going into next year with a national campaign. We plan to have all of our [batting glove] athletes involved. We would like to have Mike Schmidt be part of it. Harold Reynolds will be the spokesman. We will have some of our athletes conduct

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